infusion vaporizer

Why we're building Duo.

The patient’s experience has been forgotten.

Vaporizers have become a pervasive part of modern society. There is no question, they are here to stay. The transition from smoking to vaping has truly created a cultural mindset shift against the idea of combustion and smoking, in all forms.

Just in the past few years, we have seen the United States eradicate cigarette smoking in an unprecedented way. Not only has this led to a massive adoption of e-cigarettes and similar vaporizer products, but it has also opened up the general public to vaporization and the benefits it provides. This has bled into the cannabis industry, for better and for worse.

We have witnessed vaporization rapidly take over the cannabis space. Products have sprouted and faded. Home units. Quick convenience, e-cig based vapes. Wick & coil based, repeatedly re-branded vape products. Concentrate vaporizers. Flower vaporizers. They have all fallen into the same trap:

Forgetting the patient’s experience.

“Not all vaporizers are suitable for all forms of medicine.” This statement found at a local dispensary which sells vaporizers, is a tell tale sign that there is a major user experience issue occurring today.Patients have found themselves trying to use multiple types of medicine, with vaporizers that are only designed for one.

Why is that a problem? Well, flowers require a completely different type of heating than concentrates. Trying to use either/or, in a flower vape or a concentrate vape, will result in a sticky mess.

With Duo, we are changing that.

By composing two separate chambers, one designed for the heating of concentrates, and one designed for the heating of flowers, we can regulate each material properly and ensure the best quality vapor is produced for both materials.

When we say the best quality vapor, we mean it. We are using state of the art, medical grade ceramics for the entire heater and concentrate chamber. Same goes for our flower chamber, with a medical grade glass airpath. As a patient, I can personally attest to the dramatic improvement in quality that these changes create.

Not only does this design free the pockets and purses of the patients who will use it (since they no longer need multiple devices), it opens up doors to medicating that have never existed before.

The possibilities are endless. Duo actually empowers patients to experiment with the efficacy of different types of medicines. It is also the first product, ever, that empowers users to test different infusions of medicines.

For example, if an M.S. patient finds that a specific type of flower strain reduces their spasms and their physical pain, but also finds that a specific type of concentrate is effective at relieving their anxiety, they could combine the two into a single dose with Duo and receive an entourage effect that quickly alleviates both symptoms at once.

Another pain point we have noticed with patients and experienced ourselves is tolerance. Tolerance to the medicine that their local dispensaries have in stock, or whatever medicine has been used for a long period of time. The patient will find that they build up a resistance to the medicine, and often need to take tolerance breaks to get the full effect of the medicine again. For patients who rely on herbal medicine on a daily basis, this is not acceptable.

Duo will help minimize that issue, by providing a stronger, longer lasting dose. Engaging both chambers simultaneously, the dose will be much more capable of sustaining throughout the day. Longer than if the patient took multiple small doses throughout the day, with a single purpose vaporizer.