We are Vue, and we believe in providing a completely unburdened aromatherapy experience.

Our Goal

Vue is a startup devoted to developing premium, portable, dual purpose aromatherapy devices for the contemporary patient and therapeutic user.

Our introductory product, Duo, will be the first portable aromatherapy device to allow the simultaneous or independent use of the two primary forms of herbal medicine; traditional flowers and the modern, more refined version, concentrates.

Duo will empower the contemporary patient and therapeutic user by freeing them to carry one device, instead of two.

Duo Proof of Concept:

Music credit: Boards of Canada - Kid for today

We are now in beta stage for our Duo proof of concepts. 
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Don't just take our word for it, see what other Duo beta testers have been saying: 

"The DUO is such an amazing device. Having something that allows you to mix your flowers and concentrates with ease was amazing."

"The fact that you can choose between flower, concentrate, or both is definitely a plus. There is no device (that I've seen) that does what the DUO does."

"I can't wait for this to become available to everyone in need. It will definitely change the lives of those that depend on these medications to get through their days."

"The Duo was one of the first times I could enjoy my medicine fully. I could medicate at my pace and it felt exquisite."

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Interested in investing in Vue?

We are working hard in New York & Rhode Island to develop our introductory product, Duo.

We are currently beta testing our proof of concepts and looking to raise the necessary funds to develop our product to a manufacturable level and launch our pre-order campaign. 

If interested, just drop us a line at info@vuevapor.com